How to register WhatsApp Business API

8 simple steps to setup WhatsApp channel

WhatsApp has a strict policy regarding using their messenger for commercial purposes. That is why WhatsApp channel setup is a bit more complicated than other messengers.


This guide will help you to complete the registration and set up a process smoothly.

1. Verify your company on Facebook Business Manager

Read here for details on how to verify your company on Facebook Business Manager.

Important ⚠️ Wait till you are fully verified by Facebook to gain access to WhatsApp Business.

2. Create an account on 360 dialog

As soon as you are approved by Facebook Business Manager, go to 360dialog (WhatsApp BSP) and fill in the registration form.

3. Accept a request from 360 dialog on your Business Manager

Confirm a request from 360 dialog on your Facebook Business Manager.

4. Complete your registration on 360 dialog

An email with the header “Your WhatsApp Number is ready for Registration!“ will be sent to your registered email. Now follow the link, log in to 360dialog and register your WhatsApp number.

5. Wait for your WhatsApp number to be confirmed

It may take a few days before your WhatsApp number is confirmed. This process is on WhatsApp. If you experience delays with your confirmation, please write to WhatsApp support team.

6. Create an API key

As soon as your WhatsApp number is confirmed, create an API key and copy it. You will need this key to link it with the BotHelp platform.

7. Add your API key to ‘Channels’ in your BotHelp account

Go to ‘Settings - > Channels - > WhatsApp and add your API KEY and the registered WhatsApp number.

8. Start communication with your users on WhatsApp

Now you can create a flow and broadcasts.


If you need personal assistance with the process, please let us know by email. We will organize a short introduction call and go through all the steps with you.

We are here to ensure you are satisfied with BotHelp and we will help you to grow your business!

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