Facebook domain verification

How to verify your domain to claim your ownership on FB to get WhatsApp API key

Domain Verification provides a way for you to ‘claim’ ownership of your domain in Facebook Business Manager. This is important to protect your content on Facebook and to gain access to features related to your domain and tracking.

In case of  the company’s verification it is another way to get verification. 



Go to Business settings - Brand safety -> Domains - > Add a new domain

Verification Options

There are 3 different methods to verify your domain name in Facebook Business Manager.

  1. DNS Verification

  2. HTML File Upload

  3. Meta-tag Verification

Only one method is needed for verification, so there is no need to implement all 3 options. Choose which method works best for your website and follow the steps. 

DNS Verification

  1. Log in to your domain registrar and visit to the DNS settings page

  2. Add a new DNS record of type TXT

  3. Enter a @ symbol in the hostname field (if required)

  4. In the content field you can paste the verification TXT record provided in Business Manager

  5. Return to Business Manager and click ‘Verify’

HTML File Upload

  1. Download the HTML file

  2. Simply upload the file into the root folder of your website 

  3. Return to Business Manager and click ‘Verify’

Meta-tag Verification

  1. Open your website’s homepage code and look for the <head> section

  2. Add the meta-tag to the <head> section in the HTML code

  3. Confirm that the meta-tag is visible by viewing your website’s homepage HTML source code

  4. Return to Business Manager and click ‘Verify’

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