How to set up Facebook Pixel?

Learn how to measure the effectiveness of a landing page on Facebook

Facebook Pixel allows you measure performance, optimize ads, and create audience for ad campaigns.


How to connect Pixel to a landing page?

To use a Facebook pixel, copy its ID in the Ad account and paste it into the appropriate field when setting up a mini-landing page.



(!) After connecting Pixel, be sure to:

  • go to your mini-landing by the link

  • click on the button of any messenger

  • receive messages from the bot

You must do it to transmit the Lead event. If you fail to do it, you won't be able to customize the conversion.

Mini Landing Events

Our mini-landing pages differ from the standard ones. When creating a Pixel, you do not have to enter any url and use any code, everything is configured using Events.

We transmit 2 types of events:

  • PageView 

  • Lead.

Before you proceed to set up the conversion, make sure that both types of events are displayed in the landing page Analytics (see example in the screenshot above).

How to create a conversion? 

  • Go to the pixel settings and click on the "Create Conversion" button

  • Choose "Lead" in the conversion settings.




If you don't have a Lead event, go to the landing page, launch the funnel and wait for the event to be transferred to the landing page statistics.

  • Instead of the rule (URL contains), select the Event Parameters rule and you will see additional parameters.

  • Choose parameter content_category, with the short address of your lending 

  • Select the rule “Contain”.

  • Enter the parameter from the prompt in the settings

Parameters for the Lead event:

1) content_name: title of the mini-landing page

2) content_category: <домен кабинета>_ml_<id мини-лендинга>

3) referrer: link to a mini-landing page


! Copy the parameter for the content_category to set up the conversion.


You can use the content_name parameter, but since you can change the name, we recommend using the address. After that name the conversion and click "Create".


(!) Please note that it may take from several minutes to several hours for pixel events to be transmitted and displayed in statistics.




Optimizing conversions


Once you've created a conversion, you can use it to optimize your ads. Select it from the list of conversions when setting up your ad.


Retargeting audience

With Events, you can create a custom audience for retargeting.


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