BotHelp is no code platform which allow you to build your first bot quickly without any technical knowledge.

In this article you will find the list of key features. We keep improving the platform and add new features and capabilities every single month. We encourage our users to share ideas about functions they would like to have on the BotHelp platform.


  • request contact (email/ phone) directly in the chat

  • send requests to CRM, Google Docs, by email

  • save responses to user’s profile

  • conduct polls with multiple options

  • add a user to the message thread depending on the response

  • launch a flow from a mailing list by a button or a keyword

  • segment database based on answers to a quizzes, contests and polls inside the flow

  • segment by conditions (date, time, day of the week, a link)

  • copy a flow from one messenger to another one

  • move the flow funnel to another account

  • use popular flow templates

To learn more about flows, follow a link.

Broadcasting and sequences

  • segment database by tags, profile fields, etc.

  • manually add and remove a user to the funnel

  • launch an autofunnel for a group of users

  • set the time for messages in auto-forwarding (interval, exact time, date, day of the week, etc.)

  • automatically exclude a subscriber from list serv by condition (tag, phone number, etc.) or keyword

  • automatically add a subscriber to a next autofunnel after the previous one

  • set up messages forwarding depending on the time of the funnel

Payments in the mailing list

  • create mini-landing pages ready for accepting payments

  • integrate with Robokassa

  • integrate with ЮМани and ЮКасса

  • track conversions in Google.Analytics and Yandex.Metrica

  • set up different actions depending on the payment

Mini-landings pages for all messengers

  • quick creation of mini-landing page

  • simple buttons for your site

  • track conversions in Google.Analytics and Yandex.Metrica

  • track conversions in Facebook Pixel

  • add a photo and video cover for the landing page

  • set up ads with conversion optimization

  • set up your domain for mini-landing

  • insert HTML code to the mini-landing

End-to-end analytics

  • track advertising effectiveness by UTm-tags

  • graphs with subscription time by hour

  • track the number of conversions

  • view subscriptions and unsubscriptions by days for a certain period with the ability to select a segment of customers

  • set goals, for example, by a phone number or a tag to see conversions inside your funnels and flows.

Keyword automation

  • add, remove and transfer from one funnel to another by keyword

  • set several spellings and keywords for one action

  • send a message, photo, etc. by keyword

  • add a tag, unsubscribe from a mailing list, launch a flow by a keyword

Mini CRM and contact-center

  • “one window” work with dialogues from different communities and instant messengers

  • support dialog statuses and appoint a person in charge

  • sort dialogs by folders (new, in progress, etc.)

  • subscriber’s profile with additional fields, private notes, tags, etc.

  • sort and filter users’ list

  • export tagged users

You can do many things and more with all messengers. T

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