Welcome greeting is a setting that allows you to configure the automatic start of the flow /sequence when a user subscribes to a channel.

Automation will launch a chain for the newly subscribed users from other sources outside your landing page or other subscription methods. For example, a user can find your Facebook community and write a private message to the page.

(!) Please note that the "Welcome" automation is launched only once for a new subscriber. If a user has already been your subscriber before, then the automation will not start for him.

How to set up automation?

Go to the Automation -> Welcome message section and click on the "New welcome message" button.

1. Title

Write the title of the greeting. It will only be visible to you.

2. Channel

Select the channel for which you want to create an automation. Only one Welcome automation can be configured for a channel.

3. Chain

Select the flow or sequence you want to launch.

4. Message

You can write a text to send to the subscriber. If you write both the text and configure the launch of the flow, then the greeting will be sent first, and then the chain will start.

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