Chat flow is the functionality of messenger platforms. Using the interaction of our Bothelp platform with the Facebook, Telegram and Viber APIs, you can set up an automatic message thread (script) for the chat flow.

Message threads have different purposes. Our platform offers several types of scripts: broadcasting, sequence, flow. Let's take a look at the main differences.


It allows you to set up forwarding one message by specific date and time to selected segments of subscribers.

In most cases, it is used to send a one-time message to subscribers, for example, to remind them about an event. For more information on setting up mailing, see the article Broadcasting.


Sequence is a thread of messages. It is similar to a regular broadcasting, but the difference is that you can set up multiple messages with a delay between them.

Sequence is used to warm up subscribers with a series of messages; it is sent regardless of conditions or actions. Read more about setting up sequence Sequence.


Our platform offers a wide range of comprehensive functions for the flows. In the flow, you can make variable scenarios, ask questions and add various actions depending on the answer, prescribe conditions, track the transition by the link.

The flow is an excellent tool for creating complex chains with branches, for collecting information about a subscriber, creating surveys and tests.

Read more about flows in the article Create a flow.

Thread logic

Please remember that all types of threads are not related to each other: so when you start a new, it does not stop the previous. Therefore, carefully consider a scenario for your thread to choose one or several relevant types.

If you edit any scheduled or sent thread, the updated thread will be available to new subscribers only. New messages will only come to new subscribers for whom the thread has just begun.

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