This tutorial will help you to export leads from BotHelp to any custom CRM. In order to integrate with the common CRMs, Google Docs or Slack we recommend using services like Please, Please check our Zapier tutorial: How to get leads from chatbot into the CRM, Google Sheets or Slack.

Setting up the webhooks

Every bot in BotHelp has a webhook setting. You can give us a Webhook URL and we can push a new lead to it once bot finishes his work. A webhook option can be configured on the first step of the bot setting by activating the "Export user data" checkbox and entering Webhook URL.

Webhook format

Each webhook is an HTTPS POST request made to the URL that you provide in the bot settings. The request's POST body contains webhook information in JSON format.

Note: BotHelp webhooks are sent with Content-Type: application/json HTTP Header, so please make sure that your service can handle such requests.

//Standard fields
        "created_at": 1499947711,  //timestamp
        "name": "John Wick",
        "first_name": "John",
        "last_name": "Wick",
        "profile_link": "https:\/\/\/1941325716136721",
        "email": "",
        "phone": "+14123456789",
        "conversations_count": 10,
        "first_contact_at": 1499944111,
        "last_contact_at": 1499944111,
"user_id": "1234567890",
        "created_at_show": "14/07/2017 07:56:32 UTC" //time and date of creating a lead for humans            
        //Custom fields
        "age": "21",
        "position": "CEO at Pinapple",

If you have any questions, feel free to ask us at the chat.

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