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How to connect number to WhatsApp Business API

WhatsApp has a strict policy regarding using their messenger for commercial purposes. That is why WhatsApp channel setup can looks a little complicated. In this guide we will tell you how to complete the process smoothly. 


Check 8 simple steps to register your WhatsApp Business API to understand the process. 


WhatsApp offers access to the API upon prior request. Connection of numbers to WhatsApp Business API (WABA) is made through partner service. You can register a new number here.  

Conditions for WABA connection

WhatsApp sets some requirements for accessing to its IPA:

  • Your business manager must be verified on Facebook.


How to verify a business manager?

Read this guide to lean how to verify your Facebook Business Manager. 


Registration number in WhatsApp

1. After confirming the company in Facebook Business Manager, follow the link

2. Fill in the business information


3. You will receive a request from 360dialog in your business manager. You need to confirm it.

4. Open an email with the header "Your WhatsApp Number is ready for Registration!"  and follow the link, log in and register the number.

5. After activating the number, you need to create an API key and copy it. This key is used to connect to the BotHelp platform.


Note 1: It may take several days from the application to the activation and the key API creation.

Note 2: The number must be active with the ability to receive calls and SMS. The number must not have previously been connected to WABA or used in “grey” schemes.

Connecting to Bothelp

  • Go to the Settings in your account

  • Click the "Add new channel" button

  • Select WhatsApp in the list of available channels

  • Enter the key, phone number and channel name in the API fields

  • Click "Add channel"


The new channel will appear in the list of connected. You can start chatting with your subscribers.


How WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Business API differ?


WhatsApp Business API is a solution from WhatsApp messenger that allows businesses to broadcast with all the features.

WhatsApp Business is a regular application that you can download from the AppStore or Google Play. It allows you to create a company account (not a personal account). It does not have the function of broadcasting. Some "gray" methods use this application, but its functionality is very limited because they fail to mimic the work of a real person.


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