What BotHelp can do?

About the platform

BotHelp is no code platform which allow you to build your first bot quickly without any technical knowledge.  

In this article you will find the list of  key features. We keep improving the platform and add new features and capabilities every single month. We encourage our users to share ideas about functions they would like to have on the BotHelp platform. 


  • Request contacts (email/phone number) in the chat

  • Send requests to CRM, Google Docs, by Email

  • Save answers to the user account

  • Run polls with answer options

  • Add to the message chain depending on the answer

  • Launch the chat flow from broadcast via a button or a keyword

  • Segment the client base by answers to the poll questions

  • Trivia games, competitions, polls inside the flow

  • Segment by conditions (date, time, day of the week, clickthrough)

  • Clone the flow between messengers

  • Move the flow funnel to another profile

  • Popular flow templates

Follow the link to learn more about the flow functions.

Broadcasting and sequences

  • Segment the client base by tags, profile fields, etc

  • Manually add or remove subscribers from the funnel

  • Mass launch the automatic funnel for a group of subscribers

  • Set up auto-forwarding messages (period, exact time, date, days of the week, etc.)

  • Automatically exclude a subscriber from broadcast by a condition (tag, phone number, etc.) or keyword

  • Automatically add a subscriber to a new automatic funnel after passing the previous one

  • Set up messages depending on the time the user was added to the funnel

In-broadcast payment options

  • Ready-made mini landings for payments

  • Robokassa integration

  • YooMoney and YooKassa integration

  • Track conversions in Yandex.Metrica and Google.Analytics

  • Set up various actions depending on the payment

Mini-landings pages for all messengers

  • Quick MLP creation

  • Simple button layout on your site

  • Track conversions in Yandex.Metrica and Google.Analytics

  • Track conversions through Facebook Pixel

  • Add graphic images and video skins to landings

  • Set up advertisements and optimize conversions

  • Mini-landing custom domain

  • Insert HTML code

End-to-end analytics

  • Track ad performance via UTMs

  • Subscription chart with hourly breakdown

  • Track conversion numbers

  • View daily subscribe and unsubscribe numbers for a certain period, including for a certain user segment.

  • Set up targets, i.e. filling in phone numbers or tags, to track conversions inside your funnels and chat flows.

Keyword automation

  • Add, remove users, or move them between funnels by a keyword

  • Set up multiple spelling variants and keywords for one action

  • Send messages, images, etc. on entering a keyword

  • Add tags, unsubscribe, launch the chat flow, etc. on entering a keyword

Mini CRM and contact-center

  • One contact handling of various community discussions and messengers

  • Maintain chat statuses and appoint responsible handlers

  • Sort chats by folders (new, in progress, etc.)

  • Get subscriber profiles with extra fields, private notes, tags, etc.

  • User lists with sorting and filtering functions

  • Export users with tags

Works for all messengers!
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