Flows and Broadcasting

How to choose the type of message thread

A chat flow is a messenger platform function. By interacting with Facebook, Telegram and Viber APIs, our platform enables you to set up automated message chains (scenarios) for your chat flow.

Message chains can serve various purposes. Our platform offers several scenario types: broadcast, automated broadcast, flow. Let’s have a closer look at their differences.


Using the broadcast function you can set up sending a message to the specified user groups at certain dates and times.

It is used mainly to send one-off messages to your subscribers (for example, as an event reminder). You can learn more about setting up broadcasts here: Manual broadcasts.


A Sequence is a message chain similar to a simple broadcast, but with a function to send multiple time-staggered messages.

Sequences are used as subscriber “warm-ups” sent independent of any conditions or actions. You can learn more about setting up automated broadcasts here.


Flows have the broadest range of functions compared to other options offered by our platform. You can set up varied scenarios for our flows, ask questions adding various actions depending on the answer, set up conditions, track clickthroughs.

A flow would be ideal if you want to create complex branching message chains in order to collect data about your subscribers, or set up various polls or tests.
You can read more about our flows here: Flow setup.

Thread  logic

Keep in mind that these threads are not connected, and none of them can be used to curtail another. So choose your thread scenario and select the type or a smart combination of them.

If you edit a thread, the subscribers that’s already received, or are scheduled to receive it, won’t get the edited messages. The new messages will only be sent to new subscribers that are still at the start of the thread.

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